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Vernon Roche Hodgson - Business PsychologistsIt may be lonely at the top but you do not have to go without an objective "sounding board" when it comes to matters of individual performance, whether that be your own or that of key people around you.  We can assist you with an array of consulting services that will enrich your insight and increase your confidence about critical decisions that affect your business and the people
in it.

We work closely with you to understand your business issues.  This depth of understanding allows us to customize solutions and personalize services that are right for you.  

You receive assistance on such diverse issues as organizational and management development, professional coaching on sensitive business and behavioral matters, team effectiveness and achieving targeted results.

Individual Assessment - Comprehensive and personalized for specific candidates.

Succession Planning - Identify talent and plan for the future.

Executive Coaching - Build skill, insight and self-confidence to succeed.

Leadership Development - 360-degree feedback for senior management providing insight that stimulates change and growth.

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