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"Fit Is It.  
When a Company Hires the Wrong Person Things Can Go Very Wrong, Very Fast"

-Wall Street Journal
January 1998

In a recent article entitled "The Portable CEO" (WSJ, January 21, 1998), editors John Helyar and Joann Lublin reported on the growing trend of US firms to look outside the company - even their industry -  for executive talent. It is a trend that promises to continue.

Portable CEOs are hired for their general management and leadership abilities; not their specialized industry knowledge. They are brought in to signal a change in direction, to turn around an ailing organization, to lend a fresh perspective and, in general, to "shake things up."

But bringing in an outsider can be risky. A portable CEO is "a more volatile mix of pluses and minuses than the lifer." There is the question of compatibility with the companyís culture. Will the personís style, skill set and innate abilities match the requirements of the position? Does the candidate demonstrate the ability to analyze thoroughly, assess quickly and act decisively? In short, is the candidate a good "fit" with the needs of the hiring organization?

Mistakes can be costly - both in financial and in human terms. Not only do companies pay large finders' fees to recruiters, new hires typically command a signing bonus, six-figure salary and, often, a severance payout. But the real cost of a mismatch comes in lost momentum. An organization loses valuable time, focus and direction when its leader turns out to be ill-suited for the job. And then the process of selection must start again.

How can you improve the success rates of new hires and internal promotions? Vernon Roche Hodgson, specialists in employee assessment, identifies abilities and traits that can influence how an individual will behave and fit within an organization. Using a combination of tests, interviews and screenings, VRH provides additional perspective on the match between an individualís skills and experience and the requirements of the position. This information, combined with other relevant data, provides companies with a full picture of a candidateís strengths and weaknesses so that the best possible decisions regarding candidate selection and internal promotion can be made.

VRH offers a variety of assessment services for positions ranging from first-line supervisor to company president. They maintain an extensive network of qualified psychologists in most major US cities and have worked with clients on succession planning, executive development, employee training and human resource systems evaluation.

So before you offer that new recruit the corner office, send him to ours. We provide the additional insight you need to ensure a long and profitable relationship with your shining star.

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