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"Leaders aren’t born, they are made."
-Vince Lombardi 
Fall 1999 

Organizations are filled with leaders--some highly skilled, some sorely lacking. Every employee who heads a team, calls on a customer, supervises another, manages a project or makes a presentation functions as a leader. How effective they are depends on their preparation, their ability, their motivation and the performance feedback they’ve been given. Self-knowledge is critical to an employee’s success. 

Exactly what kind of feedback are your employees getting, and how often? The complexity of jobs in today’s workplace requires that employees receive feedback from a variety of sources, not just from their supervisors. Yet, in many organizations, employees receive input on their performance only during annual reviews, often an uncomfortable experience for both the reviewer and the reviewed. 

Many successful companies, both large and small, are now using 360° feedback to provide employees with a complete picture of their performance. Rated by some combination of managers, supervisors, peers, direct reports and both internal and external customers, employees are provided a complete picture of how others view their behavior. And few things motivate employees to change behavior more than honest, credible feedback from associates they know and whose opinions they value. Indeed, employees are often more strongly motivated to change their work behavior to attain the respect of their coworkers than to win the approval of their immediate supervisor! 

Why the rush to embrace 360° feedback? The nature of work has changed. The use of teams and matrixed organizations means employees are more interdependent. The 360° process creates a culture of constructive, continuous feedback that benefits the employee and the organization as a whole. Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Enhances team effectiveness 
  • Builds a foundation for ongoing executive development 
  • Strengthens the customer-supplier relationship 
  • Reduces supervisor evaluation time
  • Creates a climate of mutual support and openness to feedback
  • Facilitates individual and organizational development and change 

    Leadership IS earned. It ultimately requires an individual (and organizational) commitment that embraces continuous personal development and challenging growth experiences. Vernon, Roche and Hodgson (VRH), specialists in employee assessment, utilizes tools such as the 360° feedback process as a method of measuring skills, knowledge and behaviors that are important for individual success within an organization. Executive coaching provides an even greater opportunity for achieving individual effectiveness by enhancing leadership skills and encouraging growth.

    Ensuring your employees receive the maximum benefit and your organization realizes the desired results is what VRH is all about. To learn how your organization can improve the leadership skills and effectiveness of your key personnel, contact us today.


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