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Vernon Roche Hodgson - Managers & Human Resources ProfessionalsState-of-the-art selection technology and behavioral science helps you choose the candidate who has the best chance of succeeding on the job.  Determining whether a candidate's knowledge, skills and abilities appropriately "fit" the position is our core competence.  In addition to individual assessments, we design, validate and monitor selection systems that utilize a customized assortment of selection tools administered in an efficient manner.  Whether it is electronic pre-screening of thousands of candidates or executive selection among a handful of individuals, we can help to find outstanding people that fit your needs.


Assessment Services for Selection and Development:


QUICK PIC - Paper-pencil screening of personality; can be customized to include intellect and capabilities for the job.


Quick V - Web-based assessment of key personality factors.


Individual Assessment - Comprehensive assessment process customized to the position and organization..


Leadership Development - 360 degree feedback and other support for individual coaching and development planning.


Field Test Administrators - A network of VRH resources capable of administering test materials near the candidate's geographic location.


Reading List - Business people identify what is being read in their organizations.



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