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 Vernon Roche Hodgson - Online Assessment
VRH is pleased to announce a new web-based assessment tool, QUICKV ( which aligns with psychology’s “Big 5” theory of personality, hence the Roman numeral five.

QUICKV provides a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s personality, interpersonal skills and social behaviors. It is targeted for entry- to midlevel applicant screening for sales, production or staff support positions. QUICKV is ideal for clients interested in using cost effective, web-based assessment tools in their screening process to narrow down a large pool of candidates to a capable few. Often that is the point where VRH would consider additional ‘hands-on’ assessments.

The personality dimensions represented in QUICKV include:
  • Emotional Stability – tendency for experiencing positive and negative emotions
  • Extroversion – engagement with the external environment
  • Creativity – indicates imagination, curiosity, convention, leadership and persuasiveness
  • Trusting – gauges level of trust
  • Disagreeability – concerns with cooperation and social harmony
  • Self-Sufficiency – dynamics of working alone or in groups

And optionally:

  • Mechanical Interest – appeal with mechanical systems, machinery and tools

Click here to view a sample QUICKV report

To become a QUICKV client, contact VRH. Registration is easy, fast and free!


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